Internet of things or Object (IoT)

It’s something like a smart managing the personal activities and refers to communicate between sensors and devices through the network in which can to interact with each other based performance. This concept led to help the complex subsystems monitoring in a system. It means help to optimize the system’s relationship to resolve the gaps. So Internet of things (IoT) is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. The devices can communicate and interact over the internet and, they can remotely monitor and controlled. The more about this technology refer to the convergence of multiple technologies and embedded systems, but to date, there is wide range of use it in every aspect of technology and is base to develop other knowledge. Also this is a functional technology what is focus to prepare the convenient life.

Additionally, this adds level of digital intelligence to devices. This is real mean for merging the digital and physical worlds.

Imagine your useful device that can be switched on using a Smartphone app with a motion sensor. Any one of them provided you target a key for control the environment. In fact, this is the idea of adding sensor and intelligence to basic objects

So, there are some concerning about collecting the sensitive data in many cases by the sensors. There is the importance of safety and security.

The safety and security has own characterize that you can read in Here. But something that can find out from content is formalization. Creating new technology need to review of every aspect. Key point is here that the new generation technology requires reviewing with safety and security issues to guaranteed safe situation of our life. This is sometimes difficult to determine, but it might be helpful.

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