Humanoid Robots engage in live of future humans

Future robots will be a part of our lives, all construction tools and machinery technology have used around our daily lives that follow a system or systematic design. But, dramatic point is communicating robots and machines with the human what require intelligence and power of making decision. So, the interaction between human and robots have to follow design machinery system based used to artificial intelligence and transform the power of making decision. It reveals the future us depend on human robots at least, it’s easy to find out as the result the new generation of systems technology exploitation will be temper. Systematic safety design will be in a first grade of prioritizing for creation making decision robots. Verify safety have to be done as conformity of standard to have not influences in the lives environment for occurring catastrophic loss. It’s better to understand that consequences of uncontrolled qualify of safe for robots may to threat our future life. System safety is a good topic to focus on the matter of humanoid robots.


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