Safety Schools

Type of project: Research Project, Mode of Business.

State of project: its object to perform a series of technical operations on matter in order to change safety management method for schools with standard definition. This will be performed with special treatment with digital surface what integration with Systems. Also, it focuses on design, operation, control, and optimizations of school safety process. The main goal is to create corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization’s resources in order to achieve the objectives of safe schools. State of project in epitome of the discussion has defined as presentation of structure for supporting safety management and integrity of hazardous operating systems and processes by applying good design principles, engineering and operation practices.

Challenges and problems: the best way for engineers is to knowledge the challenges and problems. Then they have to looking for solutions in the following process. This project’s challenges are related to find some answer for the questions bellow.

  1. Who are responsible for safety issues in schools?
  2. Who are commitment to roles what the safety standards have been defined for the users and students in schools?
  3. What is the meaningful for safety in schools?
  4. What methods have to use for developing safety’s schools?
  5. What subjects have to investigate for presenting a framework structure to response the hazardous situation in schools?
  6. How should identify risks to reduce them?
  7. What factors must be study in this field?

And etc.

Obstacle and problems have discovered by the path length of evolution in project.

Strategy Plane: one main approach for solving the challenges and problems is Digital strategy, it give us an overview of overall level safety as an output to make decision on the best choice for improving safety for each schools. It also helps to exploration of core concepts through the interface usage.


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