Glimpse view on Digital safety

Digital safety main themes is a currently experiencing rapidly growth in the theory of system’s developing, management and design, as well as in safety management systems. We can expect in the way of futures human that the new generation’s technology must be integrated with safety engineering to unsolved risk problems. Accordingly, there will be no some null finding result and then, the complexity of technology won’t let to occur hazardous events to the human. This is a real human right for future of life mankind. In spite of digital safety recommendations included body of evidence’s recent researches, the overview of applications for digital safety require by extending safety related topics to digital safety. Digital safety reviews the existing surrounding safety and digital to explore both implementation of safety issue in engineering and achieves prevention functions or methods for the future studies. Moreover, the implementation of digital safety is changing the way of safety what will be an approach in near future researches.


With all respect to the safe world


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