Artificial Intelligent designed as serve

It’s clear that if you would to looking for artificial intelligent concept, it will be easy to explore on webs and find something. This short article helps to understand about artificial intelligent (AI) to the transient patterns. This also can help to develop imagination about the matter. Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Various criteria for artificial intelligent have been proposed but to date, there is No definition that satisfies everyone. However, there is wide agreement along artificial intelligent researchers that intelligence is required to do the following:

Reason, use strategy, solve puzzles, and make judgments under uncertainly, Represent knowledge, including common sense knowledge, Plan, Learn, and Communicate in natural language or some other factors. It has able to integrate all these skills.

I think that Artificial intelligent will be base knowledge for future of systems design. Because some of the technologies are in depend on developing to communicate with human actions. The human action is needed to be aware of systems performance to have to take into the final aim. Always, the information communicate between the human and systems while both of them are move in the same line to achieve one destination. It’s a solved problem that we (people) require to stand in a convenient archway, to serve systems through machines or robots as the duty tools for our goals in life. It means that the integration of both Systems and artificial intelligent (AI) required as serve for developing knowledge. One hot offer for students in universities can be work on the matters in integration of systems with AI technology. Other helped offer can be working on the safety systems design through characterizing IA concept with the aim training. These all can be the new exploration into the complication of digital technology. One of the gaps in safety process evaluation is lock of attention on account of neglects. Human’s neglects in safety routine is a bug that can exchange into the opportunity for business interaction, this would be the one subject for the study in university and consequence in bossiness for students. Thinking about and find the gaps, then work to fill tem, just pay attention be with the use of new technology. This is what the new world needed.

Now thinking about it that what can exchange in your environments to act like human or need to make a decision based on simple logics. All the matters around us need it, but should be taking serious and more pay attention on them.

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